No performance bottlenecks

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Performance matters. This method of including comments into your site does not depend on third party JavaScript running in your browser or injecting content into your page.

You keep control

This approach lets you pull your comments from a content API at the time that you generate your site. Most static site generators will give you the ability to use data files to populate your templates, which means that the way you include those comments, from the markup to the styling, is totally in your hands.

Feel free to comment on this page using the form below. Keep in mind though, that this is an example site, so it's not the place to make a big grand political gesture. Try it out, but be nice. (All comments are moderated anyway)

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Comments posted here will go into a moderation queue and the owner of the site will be notified via Slack. Once approved, it will be pulled into the content and the site will be regenerated and deployed.

Read about how this works.

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